Photography in Rainy Weather

A photographer’s ability to shoot in rainy weather is a big plus. Naturally, in a downpour, you can only take pictures from a safe shelter, where the camera is not threatened by raindrops. This can be an arch or a car interior. However, if the rain is slightly drizzling or has just ended, there is an opportunity to capture incredibly beautiful views of the wet city. Continue reading Photography in Rainy Weather

Tips for Better Photography

Everyone wants to take good photos immediately, without delving into technical features, and even better without complicated equipment, with what is at hand. For example, a smartphone. In this article, we will provide some tips on how to do this. These are tips not only for those who have just picked up a camera, but also for experienced photographers, since a lot is forgotten. Continue reading Tips for Better Photography

Modern Art Styles

Contemporary art is the subject of many jokes, because it is often unrecognizable. It, like the previous art, is made up of many styles and trends. These styles gained popularity and developed in the upside-down world of painting in the second half of the 20th century. These include conceptualism, pop art, performance and others. Their obvious and significant feature is the frequent absence of the work of art created by the artist’s hands. Amazing, right? Let’s take a look at modern painting styles with examples! Continue reading Modern Art Styles